Photo of Dumitru Erhan discovering AI


I’m Dumitru Erhan, I live in San Francisco, California and I work at Google. Some things I enjoy are cycling, cooking, kitchen gadgets, spending time with our two cats, raising our son, and of course neural nets.


At Google, I am working on models that understand the world around them. I'm in the Google Brain team. Current focus areas are video generation and prediction and using that for model-based reinforcement learning. I used to work on fast single-shot detection, image captioning, visual question-answering, as well as structured outputs for image understanding. Formerly, I was part of Google Photos, and built neural network models that understand all the images and photos on the web. Here's an overview from 2013 and 2015.



My up-to-date list of publications can be found on my Google Scholar or ResearchGate, which do a better job than me at indexing them.


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I'm on LinkedIn, and Twitter.